Australian ministries who work in outback, rural and remote parts of Australia are to helping spread the word about the recent release of the multi award winning travel series ‘Everytown Downunder’.

Organisations including Wycliffe Bible Translators, Outback Futures, Indigenous Ministry Links Australia, Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries, Mobile Mission Maintenance, Care Outreach and Eagle Edge Solutions will promote the series to their supporters in the coming weeks.

In return, 10% of all sales generated from each ministry through the everytowndowndunder.com website will be donated back to the ministries.

“Our goal is to use this outback TV series to promote and support as many outback ministries as possible”, says Richard Attieh, the Executive Producer of Everytown Downunder.

The series, which follows Australia’s leading country gospel musician Steve Grace on a 25 000km mission road trip around Australia, has won a swag of awards this year and is currently screening in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and on the Australian Christian Channel.

“Travelling with Steve Grace around Australia not only showed me how incredibly hard he works and how effective his ministry is, it also gave me a glimpse of some of the great work being done by other Christian ministries.”

“We want to use Everytown Downunder to promote Steve Grace and as many Christian ministries as possible,” continues Richard.

“Australia has a huge interior, and life can be tough in some of the rural and remote regions. I believe it’s important to work with and support the ministries who work in these areas however we can.”

More information about ‘Everytown Downunder’, including the trailer, is available at www.everytowndownunder.com

Preview screeners, logos and stills from ‘Everytown Downunder’ are available to all media on request.

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