Multi award winning Australian travel series ‘Everytown Downunder’ will premier in the Netherlands during October and November 2015 on channel Family7.

The series, which follows Australia’s leading country gospel musician Steve Grace on a 25 000km mission road trip around Australia, has been subtitled into Dutch and continues to find an audience around the world.

The documentary was produced and directed by Richard Attieh of Pineapple Media Australia.

“We are pleased with the reach Everytown Downunder is having around the world,” Richard says. “It’s a thrill to see the series being subtitled into different languages and screening in places we never imagined.”

The series has screened in Australia and New Zealand, on satellite TV in the US and the Caribbean, and is slated to screen in the United Kingdom and now in the Netherlands.

This comes after winning a string of local and international awards and following successful screenings in Australia, New Zealand the United States.

In recent times, the series has also been recognized in the secular Accolade Awards in the US, winning Awards of Merit for Documentary, TV Series, Family Programming, and Travel and Tourism.

“I knew we would have a cutting edge and ground breaking TV series on our hands, but I never imagined Everytown Downunder would win so many Awards and reach non-english speaking European countries,” says Richard. “This definitely whets the appetite to produce more impacting screen content for the entire world.”

Everytown Downunder will be available on DVD in time for Christmas this year.

More information about ‘Everytown Downunder’, including the trailer, is available at www.everytowndownunder.com

Preview screeners, logos and stills from ‘Everytown Downunder’ are available to all media on request. Contact Pineapple Media Australia on the details below.


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Executive Producer and Director
Pineapple Media Australia
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